Lirium is fully committed to offering to our customers the best available prices. Our prices will be calculated algorithmically in real time based on a number of factors, such as  the available market price quotes Lirium can receive from our liquidity partners for the specific combination of the fiat currency and/or the cryptocurrency and the volume requested by the customer, Lirium’s current position in a specific cryptocurrency, market liquidity observed by Lirium at the time and our assessment of the expected market trends and estimated settlement times with our financial partners. 

All customers will be able to see the price offer and will be required to confirm the final price they will have to pay in their requested currency, including (if applicable) any and all fees that may be charged to them. 

Lirium will never charge any hidden fees or extra charges for purchasing and selling cryptocurrencies with customers and we will honor the  price quotes offered to our customers for a short period that may be required to finalize the transaction and carry out required compliance and risk checks.

To see our live prices please click: Live Crypto Prices