We take client trust and reliability of our services very seriously, which is why Lirium is committed to the state-of-the-art security, funds safeguarding, data protection and fraud prevention standards. 

Safekeeping client funds and executing transactions on behalf of clients and partners is a regulated activity in many jurisdictions, including European Union and European Economic Area. This means that Lirium, as any entity applying for authorization and seeking to be regulated, must meet very stringent compliance and legal standards with respect to Information Security, Governance, Reliability and overall Compliance.

By working with Lirium and trusting us with your cryptocurrencies funds, you can be sure that:

  • Customer funds will always be segregated from Lirium’s own funds and will be subject to strict safeguarding requirements.

  • Lirium has all the necessary resources to carry out regulated activity and is regularly subject to ongoing external audits and other external reviews.

  • All Lirium clients can benefit from very strict European standards with respect to customer rights, privacy, security and access to information about our activities.

  • All members of the Lirium team in charge of key positions have been vetted as “fit and proper” individuals with sufficient experience, knowledge and reputation to be able to properly manage regulated activities.