Federico Murrone
Founder & CEO

Federico Murrone (Fede) has a vast experience in the FinTech sector, a space in which he spent more than 25 years creating and operating companies.

In 2013, Fede co-founded Xapo, one of the most successful and well-established bitcoin wallets in the industry. Since then, his passion for the crypto space has continued to grow, and his aspiration is for everyone to have access to crypto, regardless of where one lives or how much wealth one has.

Prior to Xapo, Fede co-founded mobile payment companies Bling Nation and Lemon Wallet, which was acquired in 2013. 

Fede served as Xapo's COO from its inception in 2013 until 2020, when he decided to found Lirium as a refreshed approach that takes into account the emergence of the multiple local neobanks and digital wallets that in recent years have changed the way by which regular people around the globe use money.

Lirium has built a plug&play CaaS (Crypto as a Service) solution that allows any neo-bank or digital wallet around the world to offer cryptocurrencies to their own customers through a light and free integration at the backend level.

During the time in which Fede acted as Xapo COO, he was in charge of building and running the teams that designed, created and managed all the aspects related to the processes, operations and technology, developing extensive experience in each of their respective areas in a cryptocurrency business at large scale with regulated entities licensed in multiple jurisdictions. This is the team who created, developed and ran the key aspects by which today Xapo is well recognised in the industry, including it’s technology, SOC-1/SOC-2 compliant processes, cold-storage vault facilities, PCI certified infrastructure, audited security, etc

Today, Lirium is the vehicle by which all that joint accrued expertise is put towards making it simple and convenient for regular people around the world to have access to crypto through the local banking apps they already use.