Gabriel Becedillas
Chief Technology Officer

Gabriel Becedillas has been engineering software for more than 20 years, and has been in the cryptocurrency space since 2014.

Before joining Lirium Gabriel served Xapo for 6 years as Director of Backend & Crypto where he was responsible for the development and maintenance of Xapo's core technology. As part of his role, Gabriel ran the team that designed, developed and maintained all the components of Xapo's crypto custodial services, including the best-in-industry cold storage solution known as Xapo Vault, and the BTC hot wallet with support for features like payments batching and SegWit. Also, he was in charge of the design, development and maintenance of the Xapo's core Transactional system responsible for all account balances and on-chain/off-chain transactions.

Before joining Xapo he worked for 13 years at Core Security Inc. building the first professional penetration testing software, and then turning this solution into an enterprise class appliance.