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Leverage Lirium and provide cryptocurrency services to your customers.


We believe in cryptocurrencies. We have been in this space since inception. In the past, we built one of the most important and well-respected bitcoin wallets in the world. Today, our goal is to simplify access to cryptocurrencies for everyone through the many local mobile banking apps that people around the globe already use for their daily needs.

We are a team with vast expertise in blockchain, custodial and financial services, payment networks and cryptocurrencies exchange markets. We are here to offer any bank or digital wallet in the world a way to provide their users with access to all cryptocurrencies. Simple and quick.
As a plug and play solution, we enable banks and digital wallets to give their own customers the ability to buy, sell, receive, send and store Bitcoin, Ether, stablecoins and others through their banking platforms.

Lirium opens the door for any mobile banking app in any country to add cryptocurrencies to their product offering without the need to obtain local licenses or shoulder the burden of security, operative and regulatory oversight.

As a backend solution, you always keep full ownership and control of your customer's experience.

A new and powerful revenue generation stream for your business and to re-engage your customers both current and new.

Fully Customisable Experience

Flexible cryptocurrency services and offerings based on your intended customer experience.

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Plug & Play APIs

Implement within a day with our simple APIs.

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Admin Dashboard

Customise and manage your crypto product directly from your own Admin Portal.

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Custody & Security

We provide world class crypto custody solutions.

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Regulatory & Compliance

We offer a fully regulated platform so you don't have to be licensed.

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Crypto Prices

Find out more about the crypto prices offered through Lirium.

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Ready to be part of the future?

Federico Murrone

Founder & CEO

Martin Kopacz

Chief Operating Officer

Yana Afanasieva

Chief Compliance Officer

Gabriel Becedillas

Chief Technology Officer

Fabián Cuesta

Co-Founder & CPO

Lirium AG receives approval from FMA to provide crypto services.

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