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We believe in crypto and digital assets. We have been in this space since inception. In the past, we built one of the most important and well-respected bitcoin wallets in the world. Today, our goal is to simplify access to digital assets for everyone through the many local mobile banking apps that people around the globe already use for their daily needs.

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We are a team with vast expertise in blockchain, custodial and financial services, payment networks and cryptocurrencies exchange markets.
We are here to offer any bank, financial institution or digital wallet in the world a way to provide their users with access to all digital assets.
Regulated, Simple and Quick.


The Liechtenstein Blockchain Act

Lirium AG, a company offering plug & play digital assets solution for financial institutions banks, digital wallets and marketplaces, has received the formal approval by the Financial Market Authority (FMA) of Liechtenstein as a blockchain service provider to perform the following services

Cryptocurrency exchange services. Allows Lirium AG to buy and sell cryptocurrencies to customers with either fiat or crypto funds.
Pricing services. Allows Lirium AG to provide prices to digital assets based on its B2B market maker model.
Token depository services. Allows Lirium AG to be a qualified custodian of customers’ digital assets funds, which protects their funds from counterparty or bankruptcy risks.
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